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The best way to contact me. Have a question? Comment? Suggestion? Just want to write an email for the heck of it? Send it my way!
ICQ/IM MeICQ#: 46716722
I check ICQ almost daily. You can add me to your list, or you can simply use the provided form below to send me messages that I can reply to via email, whether I'm online or not! Just be sure to leave a return email if you want a response.
Instant Messaging
MSN Messenger - Name: - I check MSN more than the other IMs, except ICQ, so this is a good way to contact me and to have a general chat.

Yahoo Messenger - Name: Huntster1701 - Though I don't check it as often, you can reach me with YM. Click on my username to send a message (requires that you are registered with Yahoo!). You just can't expect an quick reply....

AOL Instant Messenger - Huntster17 - Add to Buddy List - I check AIM the least of this group, but still have an account. If you want to chat with me over AIM, just let me know, and something can be arranged!
Places I Am
I can be found all over the Net. You just have to look! If you see someone with the nickname of Huntster or Huntster1701, there's a very good chance that it's me. On the Microsoft Gaming Zone, I'm Huntster1701. On IRC, I'm Huntster and Killer_of_Pings_Peers_n_Pongs (inside joke). And on Tanarus and the Sony Station, I go by Huntster as well, or at least a variant of it (Ex: PK~Huntster).

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