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     Internet Explorer is the best browser that I have ever used. It has more and better capabilities than Netscape Navigator (you pick the version) ever had. I will recommend Explorer to anyone.

     Though a good program is always welcome, one rarely comes without its faults. There is one major problem that needs addressing. When you first install Internet Explorer, it asks you if you would also like to install the Active Desktop feature. If you do install this feature, especially when you are using Windows 95, there could be dire consequences. I have heard reports of everything from the computer simply locking up, which stopped occuring when the person uninstalled Active Desktop, to the hard drive being completely corrupted (though I do not see how this is possible). This is fair warning to those of you who decide to install Active Desktop.

     Good news also abounds, though. Internet Explorer will probably greatly improve your online experience, particularly if you keep getting JavaScript errors. Internet Explorer has been able to handle all the Java and JavaScript that I have run across.

     Also, you might have seen on the intro page where I said that Internet Explorer could enhance your computer. For me, it was very true. In my case, before I installed Internet Explorer, my HP 7270 would crash regularly. It got so bad that in a 4 month span, I had to use the HP First Aid reinstallation disk that came with my computer three times, and completely reformat my computer twice. Because no one could figure out what was wrong with it, nearly every system was replaced. I had thought about installing Internet Explorer to help make this site look better, since I had been using Netscape to check it, and I did in the middle of 1998. Since then, there have been no problems whatsoever with my computer (and my page looks better, too!). Not only has my computer stopped crashing, but it is also running noticeably faster.

     So I hope you will download Internet Explorer, and I hope you will see the changes that I have told you about, and maybe even more. I would like to hear from you if you do download Internet Explorer and have problems with it, or if you want to rave about it. You can eMail me here (

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