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     These are links to some of the best web sites I've found. Only the Best. If you would like your favorite site to be represented on this page, eMail me (, and I'll see if it's one of the best!

Star Trek Sites

Star Trek Continuum
Due to recent actions by Viacom against the online Star Trek community, this link has been deactivated. It will be restored when Viacom agrees to find a solution together with the Online Freedom Federation.
I urge every other Trek webmaster to deactivate links to the "official" Star Trek sites until Viacom stops shutting down "unofficial" fan sites.
Fight Against Viacom! Check the Online Freedom Federation

LCARSCom Database
Access Panel to the LCARS: Federation Databank

Mark's Star Trek Desktop Calendars
By Mark VanTassell, this site provides month by month calenders to be used as desktop background images, each with a Star Trek ship or theme featured. Very well done.
Star Trek Desktop Calendars

Linda's Voyager Page
A great resource for information on the U.S.S. Voyager and her crew. Has a plain HTML and a SHOCKWAVE advanced version. Over 3500 Pictures, Episode guide, multimedia section, all 143 Crewmembers, datalogs, fun section and survey, forum, chat and much more. Check it out!
Linda's Voyager Page

Trek City
Trek City: Web Services for the Star Trek Webmaster

Flight Simulator Sites
Forums, personal message board, flightsim news, and a huge file upload and download database with tens of thousands of great planes, panels, scenery and more for many of the Flight Simulators on the market today, including FS98, CombatFS, FS2000, FLY!, Flight Unlimited, and more. DEVELOPERS
More great planes from the staff developers, including some of the best quality I've come across yet.

Microwings Online
Microwings Magazine Online. News, articles, and file upload and download area. Great quality planes, scenery, and other files.

Project Open Sky
Beautiful and accurate 767-300ER and 747-400, each with many repaints representing companies from around the world. A must have for any virtual airlines.

Captain Slug
Shigeru Tanaka
Dan Geis
These guys have created amazing aircraft and scenery for various versions of Flight Simulator. I have many of their creations, and they are some of the most realistic I have flown or driven, or landed on, at, or in.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Homepage
Microsoft Flight Simulator's Home Page. Get yer FS converters and latest news on FS and its latest incarnations here!

Other Sites

Civil Air Patrol
The Civil Air Patrol's Homepage. The civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force. Check around, there's probably a squadron near you. Currently more than 59000 members (both kids and adults), 5200 aircraft, and 1700 squadrons in the United States, Puerto Rico, and abroad.
CAP Banner

HTML: An Interactive Tutorial For Beginners
Learn HTML now! If you want to know the ways of the Web, click here. Great interactive manual lets you practice on-site.

Lycos Tripod
Tripod's Homepage. My page wouldn't be here today if it weren't for them! Go sign up now for 50 Megs of free webspace for your very own homepage, has page builders and lots of other goodies, great if you do or don't know HTML. Why just look at other's pages when you can make your own!

Great free service that gives you your own, easy to remember domain name (www.<yourname> 10Mb of space, free CGI, free FTP and TelNet access, free MS FrontPage Extension, free Trellix Webpage creator, and free Tech Support. Recommended for knowledgeable users who create HTML files on their computer, and who know how to use a FTP program. Go to their site and find out more.