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These are lists of Starfleet starship names from all shows and movies. To navigate, just click the letter that corresponds to the name of the ship you are looking for. The above bar will be present at all times while you are in this section. To return to the primary starship names page and menu, click "Main".

If you know of any ship that I do not have, or any information that is not listed (NCC number, class name, or other databit), I would be grateful to know about it. Please email it to me at Thank you!

—   These lists were originally created as a personal resource, only later ported to a computer and the Internet. Canonicity of material herein is subject to visitor's interpretations. If you have a question about the canonicity of a particular ship or databit, email me.
—   Figures in small italic demark conjectural material, items that are included only for consideration.
—   The number of characters in the ship registry [being either numerical or question mark (?s)] refers to the approximate era of the ship: 3 and 4 characters mean Pre-TOS, TOS, TAS, and Movies I to VI; 5 characters mean TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Movies VII to IX; and 6 characters is post-24th century.
—   Any repeated names are there on purpose. The most probable reason is that one ship was named in honor of another.

Starfleet ships listed: 570