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ALICEHAAKONIANCaptain Abbadon; lost to particle fountain
ARIES 4TERRANNASA's Mars Command Module; Lt. John Kelly; fell into roving graviton ellipse on October 19, 2032; destroyed
S.S. ARTEMISTERRANcolonist transport
AURORAsmall space cruiser
BAXIALTALAXIANNeelix's scoutship
S.S. BEAGLETERRANClass-IV stardrive survey vessel; 47 crew
S.S. BIRDSEYETERRAN21st century cryosatellite
S.S. BOTANY BAYTERRANDY-100 class; sleeper ship / transport; used by Khan Noonien Singh to escape Terra
S.S. BUCKAROO BANZAITERRANBBI-993; Captain John Whorfin; launched 2137 on a mission to Planet 10, dimension 8, in the Ficus Sector
CHARYBDISTERRANNASA; 21st-century vessel; 3rd attempt to travel out of Solar System
S.S. COLUMBIATERRANscience vessel; crashed on Talos IV
CONESTOGATERRANtransport vessel; carried colonists to Terra Nova around 2075; bulkheads used to build structures for the new colony; Captain Mitchell
U.S.S. DAUNTLESSBorg designated
"NX-01A"; artificial alien vessel formed to impersonate a Federation ship; Captain Arturis; equipped with a Quantum Slipstream drive; assimilated by the Borg
S.S. DIERDREfrieghter
D.E.V. EAGLE VALLEYTERRANDY-950; Captain Dan King; launched 2183 on a colonization mission to the Ficus Sector
EKINAcargo ship; used by Verad to steal Dax symbiont
ENTERPRISETERRANNX-01; NX-class; Captain Jonathan Archer; launched April 15, 2151; first true deep-space-exploration capable vessel, aided by the newly developed Warp 5 engine
ERSTWHILEClass 9 Interstellar Cargo Carrier; Merchantman design
E.C.S. FORTUNATETERRANY-class; Earth Cargo Ship; 23 crew; Captain Keene
GOMTUUsentient, living spaceborne organism; used by an unknown alien species as a spacecraft
S.S. HATTERASTERRANDY-245; Captain Gary Loes; launched 2187 on a deep space exploration mission to the Ficus Sector
S.S. HOKULE'ATERRANDY-500-C; Captain Melinda Snodgrass; launched 2102 on a deep space exploration mission to the Ficus Sector
E.C.S. HORIZONTERRANJ-class; Earth Cargo Ship; appx. 20 crew; Captain Mayweather; carried out extended deep space transport missions
KALLISKOfrom BOREAL IIItransport/cargo vessel
KOBAYASHI MARUThird class Neutronic Fuel Carrier; 81 crew; 300 passengers; max speed of Warp 6; Captain Kojiro Vance; registration Amber, out of Tau Ceti IV; basis of Starfleet Academy's No-Win Scenario test
S.S. LAKULEL-AURIANNFT-7793; Whorfin class; transport; destroyed by Nexus
H.M.S. LORD NELSONTERRANDY-500-B; Captain Young Jae Kim; launched 2120 on a deep space exploration mission to the Ficus Sector
S.S. MARIPOSATERRANNAR-7678; DY-500 class; Captain Walter Granger, First Officer Snodgrass, Chief Engineer Winrich Kolbe; launched on Nov 27 2123 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on a colonization mission to the Ficus Sector
MERCHANTMANcargo vessel
S.S. MILANTERRANNDT-50863; transport
NAKAROnearly 3000 crew; destroyed by bioplasmic organism
H.M.S. NEW ZEALANDTERRANDY-732 (N); Captain Bob Lederman; launched 2135 on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan in the Ficus Sector
NI'VARVULCANSuurok class; science cruiser; Captain Sopek
NORKOVAfreighter; 12 crew
E.C.S. NORTH STARTERRANfrieghter destroyed many years before 2151; the parents of former E.C.S. Fortunate First Officer Matthew Ryan were killed aboard; Ryan himself was one of few survivors
S.S. ODINNGL-12535; Apollo class; freighter
PHOENIXTERRANfirst warp-capable ship from Terra; Zephram Cochrane; launched April 5, 2063
S.S. ROBERT FOXEL-AURIANNFT-1327; Whorfin class; transport; destroyed by Nexus
S.S. SANTA MARIABDR-529; Erewhon class; personnel transport; crash landed on planet in Orelious Minor star system
S.S. SEATTLETERRANNAR18834; Captain Wendy Neuss; launched 2120 on an ADR Looping mission to the Ficus Sector
SHENANDOAHTERRANStarfleet vessel, circa 2151; Captain Duval
SHIKU MARUTERRANFederation vessel; had contact with Tamarians in 23rd century
SURAKVULCANV8 5047 01102238345-8; Warpshuttle; Phasers, Shields; 4 Crew; Warp 3.1
T'PAUVULCANNFT-17938; Apollo class; science vessel registered to the Vulcan National Merchant Fleet, decommissioned in 2364; was stored at the Qualor II Depot 215, section 18 gamma 07, before being stolen by Romulan agents planning a strike on Vulcan
T'PLANA HATHVULCANearly surveyor/lander; ST:FC; 3 crew
T'VRANVULCANresearch vessel; assigned to Gamma Quadrant
TAN RUalien space probe; launched on a mission to gather and sterilize planetary soil samples as a precursor to colonization; collided with Terran probe Nomad and merged with it
TARIS MURNJ'NAIIshuttle; 2 crew; lost inside a pocket of null space, though crew was rescued
TI'MURVULCANSuurok class; science cruiser; Captain Vanik
S.S. TOMOBIKITERRANRT-2203; Captain Peter Lauritson; launched 2119 on a deep space exploration mission to the Ficus Sector
I.T. TRUE NORTHTERRANindustrial trawler
S.S. URUSEI YATSURATERRANDY-430; Captain Dave Glick; launched 2146 on a nebula survey project in the Ficus Sector
V'GERTERRAN / UNKNOWN MACHINE RACEoriginally Voyager 6 from Terra's NASA; merged with humans to form higher lifeform
V.K. VELIKANTERRANDY-1200; Captain Gene Roddenberry; launched 2160 to explore strange, new worlds in the Ficus Sector
S.S. VICOTERRANNAR-18834; Oberth class; science vessel
S.S. WHORFINtransport
S.S. WODENTERRANpresumed DY-100 or similar; freighter; automated
XHOSATERRANfreighter; Captain Kasidy Danielle Yates
YARAHLAVULCANMaymora class; science cruiser; Captain Tok
YONADAFABRINIasteroid ship
V.K. YURI GAGARINTERRANDY-732; Captain Winrich Kolbe; launched 2105 on a colonization mission to the Ficus Sector
ZOLATERRANfighter; Captain Chakotay

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