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TYPE:  Transport/Freighter
NOTES:  widely used transport; commonly used by Bajoran commerce and smugglers
"ASSAULT" type
TYPE:  Frigate
NOTES:  Bajoran militia mainstay; medium vessel utilized for attack and invasion missions
"FREIGHTER" type 1
TYPE:  Transport/Freighter
NOTES:  typical cargo vessel; used to carry commerce and ore
"FREIGHTER" type 2
TYPE:  Transport/Freighter
NOTES:  typical cargo vessel; used to carry commerce and ore
TYPE:  Observation & Minimal Travel Craft
NOTES:  ancient interstellar ship; used to explore nearby solar systems
"RAIDER" type
MAX SPEED:  Impulse
CREW:  2
TYPE:  Escort
NOTES:  sub-warp fighter; used by Bajoran resistance
MAX SPEED:  unknown; (Warp 6.5?)
ARMAMENTS:  Spiral-Wave Disruption Beam(s), Shields
TYPE:  Transport/Freighter
NOTES:  generic Cardassian transport; Groumall from DS9 "Return to Grace"
MAX SPEED:  Warp 9.5
ARMAMENTS:  Spiral-Wave Disruption Beams, Heavy Disruption Wave Cannons, Shields
TYPE:  Heavy Cruiser
NOTES:  typically identified as a Type 3 variant
MAX SPEED:  unknown; (Warp 7.0?)
ARMAMENTS:  Spiral-Wave Disruption Beams, Disruption Wave Cannon, Shields
TYPE:  Patrol Cutter/Heavy Escort
NOTES:  shuttle; fighter; patrol ship; transport
MAX SPEED:  unknown; (Warp 9.7?)
ARMAMENTS:  Spiral-Wave Disruption Beams, Heavy Disruption Wave Cannons, Cloaking Device (on Type II), Shields
TYPE:  Battlecruiser
NOTES:  Galor modification; two variants; first Cardassian ship to employ a Cloaking Device
"MISSILE" type
CREW:  none; (automated AI)
MAX SPEED:  Warp 9.0
ARMAMENTS:  Thoron Shock Emmitter, Plasma Wave, Quantum Torpedoes, M/AM Planetary Assault Warhead, Shields
TYPE:  Automated Planetary Assault Missile
NOTES:  designed to detonate 1000 kilograms of matter and another 1000 kilograms of antimatter on a planet, destroying the surface and much of the mantle in the vicinity of the blast; programmed with one of the most advanced computer systems in the Alpha quadrant allowing for high level tactical decision making, including defensive and offensive maneuvers; "Dreadnought" from VOY 2x17 "Dreadnought"
CREW:  usually 300; (possibly higher when in mining configuration)
MAX SPEED:  Sublight Maneuvering Thrusters
ARMAMENTS:  Spiral-Wave Disruption Beam, Disruption Wave Cannons, Photon Torpedoes, Shields
TYPE:  Space Station
NOTES:  typically used for mining and as outposts; can hold 5000 torpedoes; converted station Terok Nor extensively refitted with Starfleet tech and weaponry
CREW:  6 to 12
MAX. SPEED:  unknown; (Warp 7.5?)
ARMAMENTS:  Disruptors, Photon Torpedoes, Shields
TYPE:  Scout
NOTES:  small bird-of-prey; bought by Ferengi DaiMons from Klingons as surplus
MAX. SPEED:  Warp 9.5
ARMAMENTS:  Compression Beams, Photon Torpedoes, Shields
TYPE:  Heavy Cruiser
NOTES:  two variants, transports and military marauders; uses stolen and borrowed tech
TYPE:  Shuttlecraft
NOTES:  large shuttlepod; used as short-range personnel and cargo transports
"FIGHTER" type
CREW:  1 to 2
TYPE:  Escort
NOTES:  very small fightercraft; launched from Kazon Raider
  Predator class
CREW:  approximately 1500
MAX SPEED:  Warp 7.5
ARMAMENTS:  Phasers, Torpedoes, Shields
TYPE:  Transport/Freighter; mod. to Battlecruiser specs
NOTES:  massive Trabe transport modified by Kazon into a Warship
"RAIDER" type
TYPE:  Light Cruiser
NOTES:  small Kazon ship; carried by "Mothership" type; used as raiders, heavy shuttles, fighter, patrol ship
"SHUTTLE" type
TYPE:  Shuttlecraft
NOTES:  typical Kazon shuttle
"TORPEDO" type
TYPE:  Shuttlecraft
NOTES:  modified Kazon shuttle; used to ram ships for boarding purposes
"RAIDER" type
ARMAMENTS:  Phasers, Photon Torpedoes, Shields
TYPE:  Escort
NOTES:  though limited technologically, these smallish fighting ships are used by the Maquis primarily for raiding and planetary defense
ARMAMENTS:  Photon Torpedoes, Isolitic Subspace Torpedoes, Shields
TYPE:  Battlecruiser
NOTES:  large warship; employs subspace weapons
TYPE:  Mobile Station
NOTES:  massive metaphasic radiation collector ship/station; used large sails to scoop up metaphasic particles/energies
ARMAMENTS:  Photon Torpedoes, Isolitic Subspace Torpedoes, Shields
TYPE:  Command Ship / Medium Cruiser
NOTES:  Son'a command & control ship; employs subspace weapons; commanded by Ahdar Ru'afo
ARMAMENTS:  Plasma Cannons
TYPE:  Shuttlecraft
NOTES:  used for personnel transport; can launch probes and drones
TYPE:  Cryogenic Personnel Transport
CREW:  Variable; (some DY-500 craft are automated transports, others manned personnel or cargo carriers)
MAX SPEED:  High Sublight
TYPE:  Transport
NOTES:  class apparently referrs to a number of different designs, though all ships of the basic DY-500 seem to revolve around transport functions; Mariposa-type masses 3,000 metric tonnes
TYPE:  Colony Transport
CREW:  approximately 25; (depends on cargo requirements and other factors)
MAX SPEED:  Warp 1.8
ARMAMENTS:  Plasma Cannon, Polarized Hull
TYPE:  Cargo Transport
NOTES:  large cargo vessel circa 2130 used to carry goods on runs lasting over three years; carries eight industrial cargo pods attached in two rows of four to either side of hull

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